the Ultimate in Prepress Printing

For more than 30 years we have been a provider of maintenance, service, and repair of prepress printing equipment. We know it all – even down to the smallest of parts! Throughout the years, we have earned a very good reputation as a reliable and meticulous service company.
The decision to not just make a mark with the sale of these machines but to offer the “complete package” along with service and support was an obvious one. Being able to literally put our hands on numerous different devices over the years allowed us to take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of the competition. And now we offer a brand that has left a particularly positive mark on the industry.

Once AMSKY – Always AMSKY

The Chinese company AMSKY produces a CT(c)P imagesetter whose price-performance ratio is simply unmatched. After intensive and also quite critical consideration of these machines (and the manufacturer themselves), we can recommend, with a clear conscience, AMSKY products to anyone who appreciates the highest quality. Here are a few facts about AMSKY:

  • First machine sale: 2006 in China
  • European launch: early 2012
  • Current production figures: ca. 100 units per month

Given our own experience, and that of many AMSKY CT(c)P-users across Europe, it was clear: These devices are revolutionizing the printing process and (although we don’t like to freely admit it) make our maintenance work that much easier.

And what products will suit your needs? We are happy to guide you through the wide range of AMSKY prepress products and their many benefits. We’re certain that we’ll make you a believer! Schedule an appointment with us today to get an accurate picture of what’s available!