I will be asked very often ....


what is the best CTP-machine on the market?

Because a jack of all trades does not exist, there is and will be no best CTP-imagesetter! Each machine has, like everything in life, advantages and disadvantages and you have to know very well what for you exactly want to use this machine. (e.g. what is the average plate production per hour, how much is the peak production per hour, how many square meter per year you have to expose, how long can I wait for a technician when there is a problem ... and much more). If all facts are laying on the table, the number of possible machines is already reduced to a very small amount. There is nearly no unusable machine on the market. Each product has is legitimacy as long as you use it for the right purpose. Just looking for price or quality is not enough. An informal verbal exchange with a neutral expert in advance will bring you a lot of benefits.

what are the travelling costs for a technician?

We don't have fixed rates! With fixed rates, one of the two partners is always the loser - this is not fair. Therefore we can offer the following concept. First we check how urgent it is. If it is very urgent, we send out the first available technician, even he is farther away. If it is not urgent, we will send the closest technician when he is available. Additionally we always try to combine  two or more service calls, to keep the costs as low as possible.

how long do you make this job already?

Since 1979. We started with the service of film imagesetters from Compugraphic.

for which region you can offer your service?

Austria, Bavaria, South Tirol and all Eastern European countries.

how many customers do you have?

The amount is rising all the time.
Actually we have roughly 200 satisfied partners.

from where you will get all the spare parts?

We own a huge central sparepart storehouse close to the city of Salzburg. All common parts are on stock. We daily send out needed parts. For older machines, which are not produced anymore, we can offer second hand parts also.

which response time we can expect in case of a problem?

Shorter than our offer is not possible!
To each system we deliver (if wanted) a "remote control" system - free of charge. This will give us the possibility to access your machine from everywhere to see log files, make configuration changes, software updates and much more. Error description via telephone or email is complicated and not state of the art anymore. We can have a direct look to the problem without wasting cost intensive time.

how can we make profit out of all these advantages?

Please get in contact with us. We would be glad to consult you.