AMSKY – International Reputation for the Highest Quality

granted by a selection of top-level suppliers from Europe, the US and Japan.  Through meticulous work and in spite of tough prospects, we always pursue the goal of a “Global Repute for the Highest Quality.” Amsky offers you sophisticated, professional CTP equipment with state of the art configurations and first-class technology.

Top Engineers Developing Top Technology

Amsky’s development engineers have ensured through numerous patents that this technology has prevailed in the global market. This advanced technology – “Made by Amsky” – also guarantees maximum user-friendliness. Amsky always keeps this in mind throughout development and alongside innovation.


4-up (B2) CTP-Imagesetter

Ausetter 400 series

Characterized with its low cost feature, Ausetter 400 series is the best...
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8-up (B1) CTP-Imagesetter

Ausetter 800 series

Ausetter 800 series is the best entry level choice for large and medium...
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8/4-up (B1/B2) half/fully automated CTP-Imagesetter

Aurora 800/400 Serie

The basic machine for the entry into the automation.
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Auto-Loader SAT-800

Aurora Serie

For fully automated plate production.
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Multi-Loader MAT-800

Aurora Serie

Works with up to 4 plate-formats simultaneously.
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8-up (B1) high-speed fully automated CTP-Imagesetter

Aurora U8128

for commercial and newspaper printing.
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Very Large Format (VLF) CTP-Imagesetter

Ausetter v series

The device for “largest” demands.
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