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Dynamic autofocus

With the third generation of dynamic autofocus technology, the accurate position measuring system... details

Technology of DDS frequency

The technology of DDS frequency multiplication ensures phase position to jitter within... details

Fast balance

During the plate loading and unloading period, our laser beam balancing system can... details

Plate clamping system

Our highly reliable disk clamping system has passed the fatigue and durability test with flying... details

ppd goes AMSKY

New at ppd: The most Advanced Technology from China

"Made by Amsky" is by far the best title that professional prepress CTP equipment could earn. This Chinese manufacturer produces machines and equipment with state of the art configurations, unsurpassed ease of use and superior technology. Numerous patents have ensured that AMSKY products needed only a few years to prevail in the market.

Recently, ppd has taken over as a general distributor of AMSKY products and now offers direct sales of world-class, cutting-edge prepress technology – along with all of the advantages of direct sales.

Call, test, be thrilled!

Decades of comparisons of individual brands make us confident in saying: AMSKY products cannot be beat. We will gladly guide you through the products in which you are interested - simply make an appointment with us or stop on by!

Contact us - we are glad to help!